The brand is born in 2012, with the desire to deepen the passion for Jewelery. Well-known since its inception, the approach in Jewelery is influenced by organic forms and the Natural world, associating the use of less noble metals such as brass, a whole set of floral and animal decorative elements, often using the use of raw materials such as pearls, minerals, corals and zircons.

The dedication is in the whole process, from the creation to the final finishes, with all the small details that make a piece. The choice of the natural elements, developed with high detail and concern in the creation of pieces with a characteristic and original design make the mark a reference at national level.



ADER = Aesthetic Drawing + er (People).
ERROR = something negative such as a failure, mistake. Everyone can’t be a perfect and there is nothing perfect. Reinterpreting ‘error’ as an expression of Imperfection.

SS19: BUT NEAR MISSED THINGS = Ader Error reinterpret things which people would be able to miss easily and make complex things simple. As everyone knows, inspiration comes from what we see and experience. That is to say everything around us like food, funiture, art, people and all cultures.

ADER is a brand based on fashion and simplicity which expresses contemporary sensibility and different minimalism. ADER was made on December, 2014 by a community who gathered from diverse field to make contents with fun. Focusing on making these things simple and different to show people something differently interesting. Beyond ‘fashion’, influencing positively the whole lifestyle of people.



The Lxcon OG "Dart Frog"!

90s dna mutated to fit the present. A sneaker born from radical re-interpretation, lxcon champions limitless progression of the past.

Lxcon is a progressive reinvention of the lexicon 93, a sneaker known for championing forward thinking technology.
By mutating the best design elements from its predecessor, the radically reimagined silhouette emerges as a new sneaker entirely.

The lxcon pack is inspired by the colorworld of the dart frog: the black upper is combined with a legend ivy colored midsole. 
The key element of the shoe; the tube is finished off in a high res yellow. this will continue to set visual anchor points for the lxcon concept.



It’s been a while since Samuel Ross announced plans for POLYTHENE* OPTICS, a sister label to A-COLD-WALL*. Since then, speculation around the brand has grown, and Ross launched the project last season. Discussing the brand, Ross explained that the POLYTHENE* OPTICS launch was “realigning with our mission statement, democratic design is part of that narrative. The goal is to exist in multiple rooms of the fashion community, POLYTHENE OPTICS* forms a democratic conversation which is much needed.”

Ross also detailed how the new label would contrast with his existing projects: “it’s intense, offsetting the delicate, concise nature of A-COLD-WALL* with the hyper graphic brash reactionary nature of POLYTHENE* OPTICS.” As well as being more graphics-focused, POLYTHENE* OPTICS is also more affordable than A-COLD-WALL*, and features more accessible looks, fabrics and silhouettes.

Jack Stanley for Hypebeast



Season 2 is focused the utility of garments within an outdoor narrative. The thirty-piece collection epitomizes the foundation of the Oakley by Samuel Ross project, evolving the breadth of the relationship between these two creative forces as Ross dives deeper into Oakley’s design and innovation heritage.

Ross has continued to explore outdoor intelligence by using water and wind repellent fabrics, welded seams and a packable backpack for functional experiences, while an abstract expressionist graphic treatment inspired by drip painting is seen throughout the designs.


NEW ARRIVALS: adidas Originals by Eric Emanuel

Adidas Originals By Eric Emanuel: Inspired by floral wallpaper from a Parisian hotel.