M I S B H V Spring-Summer 2020 “Shades of Ibiza”


1980’s Amnesia, DJ Alfredo, Ibiza poster iconography and the blissful ambiance of the Balearics were among the inspirations for our Spring-Summer 2020 collection with color palette ranging from optical white, through powder pink and turquoise to sand and earth tones.

We have travelled as far back as the 1960’s in search of art, film and music that would build the landscape of the collection as well as utilized our own archive compiled over the summers spent on the White Island.

Our seasonal artist capsule comes courtesy of Rafal Olbinski - one of the most famous living artists of the globally acclaimed Polish School of Poster. We have unearthed three of his works - “Othello” and “Traviatta”, both originally commissioned by Metropolitan Opera
in New York in the 1990s as well as “Europe Unified”, originally commissioned by Newsweek after the accession of Poland into the European Union in 2004.





Raiment is a contemporary Menswear brand with a focus on international collaborative British Craft.
The multi award winning creative director, with over 12 years of experience in the luxury fashion industry, and now based as head designer of a luxury international fashion house, splits their time between Britain and overseas, creating a true reflection of contemporary international British culture.


Raiment draws inspiration from cultural collaboration in craft such as, architecture, furniture, ceramics and contemporary art. The collections are fundamentally an exploration of function taken from traditional and modern garments.

Working closely with international manufacturing company; Sterling Group, Raiment brings with it over 30 years of global manufacturing experience to the brand.



GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY is back at Hunting and Collecting with GR-UNIFORMA!!
It is about uniform, community, architecture order, about people from your world.
Uniforms can help you not to feel alone, but your community can be outsiders.
GR-UNIFORMA is a multidisciplinary art project from Moscow-born Gosha Rubchinskiy. It includes a photography book, short films, clothing collections and the band GRUPPA, all revolving around the designer’s exploration of music. For this new chapter, the new multi-media project-based label follows the beat of its own tune.

About the collection: Initially created as costumes for the band, this season’s collection presents a more personal take on uniforms. With a comfortable late 80’s feel, tailored pieces meet intricate denim-patchwork full looks mixed with Gosha’s signature sportswear classics.






The E-Shop is now up and running! Check it out for gift ideas...


NEW ARRIVALS: adidas Originals by alexander wang

The hacker-inspired collection marks the end of the collaboration with the New York designer.

For five seasons, adidas Originals by Alexander Wang has challenged the concept of fashion collaborations by subverting convention. From turning the Originals trefoil upside down to reimagining performance silhouettes, Alexander Wang’s approach to the iconic brand has been clear—to hack every element at hand.
To create the final season, Alexander Wang evolved the “Club Leisure” narrative by immersing it in the dark world of underground tech. Together with progressive materials and disco-inspired details, the Season 06 collection brings the collective cultural understanding of hacking to life with a futuristic look and feel.

Inspired by the collection and its surrounding ethos, the campaign connects the fashion-loving community to the digitally-savvy by combining both worlds in one.
Authentically rooted in the digital underground, the campaign imagery uses three-dimensional art and animation to subversively celebrate the collection by destroying it—shoes melt, jackets explode, and bodysuits are cut into pieces by a laser field.