Mémoire Universelle 2/9 (The Sphinx Cover)
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Mémoire Universelle Issue 2/9 MANIMALISME with The Sphinx cover

Based on the idea of a «subjective encyclopedia», Mémoire universelle (mu) is dedicated to the idea of freedom, timelessness and rarity. For its next issue, MU‘s thematic is the subject of «manimalism», exploring all the tights relationships of human and animals, from Wildness and primitivity in human being to sentimentalism of animals.

Organized in nine thematic volumes, Mémoire Universelle (MU) focus places itself where the idiosyncrasies of private individuals meet the universality of shared feelings and ideas. Ranging from human interest topics to visual studies and creative writing, each volume will explore peculiar human behaviors and feelings, and the ways they are translated in various vernacular and artistic forms.

Led by Benoît Béthume, editorial advisor Béatrice Gross, art director Anne Desquins,Mémoire Universelle (MU) gathers a select range of international contributors from such diverse fields as fashion, fiction literature, contemporary art, photography, film, music, criticism, history, and philosophy : Viviane Sassen/Ulrich Seidl/Charlotte Rampling/Julien Bismuth/Marcelline Delbecq/Cordula Reyer/Anne-Catheine Lacroix/Mark Lyon/Manuela Pavesi/Jeanne Detallante/Andreas Larsson/ Natasa Vojnovic/ConstantinThun/Jakuta Alikavazovic/Serge Carreira/Estelle Hanania… among others.

Mémoire Universelle (MU) is a fully illustrated 250-pages publication, published bi-annually in English and French.

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