Casablanca at midnight expresses the illustrious colors of the city, illuminated by a bright constellation of stars. Stars that reflect upon the architecture of ancient dynasties. A palette of rich silks and warm cashmeres woven into the fabric that dresses the city. Delicately applied watercolors providing portraits of forgotten love stories. The strong columns of cenuries stand tall next to blended cultures of enlightened men that are both unique and progressive. As the ships dock at the port of Casablanca, the sea breeze refreshes the terracotta clay structures, as midnight in Casablanca come alive.


Casablanca is a fashion line designed and directed by Charaf Tajer, in dedication to the meeting place of his parents. They fell in love at an atelier in fashion district of Casablanca. A souvenir of a true love story. Casablanca expresses the marriage of Charaf’s two culturtes, the unique fusion of french-moroccan history and explores their visual conversation.



"You'll Miss Us When We're Gone"

Born x Raised is a brand built on the cultures of communities. Spanto conceived the BXR tagline “Gentrification is Genocide” while incarcerated, frustrated at the rate at which the fabric of his neighborhood was eroding because of the speed at which Venice became a place unaffordable to it’s indigenous because of hi speed over-development.

Spanto and 2tone, (the founders and owners) both native Angelenos from Venice, partnered up over a shared sense of pride for their hometown, and a high regard for the culture developed in their city. They work from a perspective far outside the establishment, and their goal is to preserve the dying subcultures that fostered them.
Born X Raised launched in 2013 with distribution via select boutiques worldwide.




BIRTH.ORGAN.SYNTH marks the AW19 ACW* collection. The setting, the dark Blackwater abyss is a symbolic interpretation of the collective individuals innate battle with carnal human fear and the crippling blindness that so often leads to nationalistic ignorance and the captivity of movement.

This season, nylons are reflectively piped; jerseys and fleeces are vegetable-dyed; compasses are hiding within garments; badges are hand-sewn; raised-rubber logo plaques double as fasteners on trousers to alter the fit. This collection also marks a debut denim collaboration with Diesel for the RED-TAG Project and showcased new reiterations of A-COLD-WALL* x Nike.

Movement is the key ideology in this collection. Samuel explores the oscillation between dynamic liquid forms and static flatness, creating physical screenshots of molten movement and the natural life cycle of an organic product. The phrase ‘MODERN*’ also becomes a leitmotif — an ideology, even.

Pockets are concealed within seams that travel unconventional routes around the garment mapping out the close relationship between the body, organ positioning and garment functionality.
Prints and graphics are borrowed from the virtual bridges between communities across the world. There are pixilations of pebbledash walls closer to home; CGI graphics; Geo-maps; colours borrowed from Thermoreactive scales.

Ross studied graphic design and illustration at De Montfort University in Leicester and after graduation went into commercial design, balancing his professional work with his own creative output, which spanned experimental film, street art and a streetwear label named 2wnt4 — which he set up with long-time friend Ace Harper.

During this time, in April 2013, he caught the eye of Off- White founder Virgil Abloh, who hired Ross to work for him as a creative assistant before the inception of Off-WHITE and during its formative period.

He founded A-COLD-WALL* in 2015 as a self-funded label inspired by the British class system that reflects on Ross’s personal story: growing up in a working-class neighbourhood and studying design. Since launching the label Ross has gained a loyal following and steady growth, landing him global stockists including Barneys New York, GR8 in Tokyo and Selfridges in London. Ross uses a direct approach to his fan base, carefully evolving his label on his own terms. In 2018 he unveiled an A-COLD-WALL* womenswear line.

In 2017, A-Cold-Wall was one of the NEWGEN recipients. The label was a finalist for the ANDAM grand prize award in 2018 and was one of the finalists for the LVMH Prize. In the same year, he won the prize for Emerging British Designer at the 2018 British Fashion Awards. Samuel Ross was also featured in the Forbes under 30 list, as well as the Business of Fashion 500. To date, Ross has collaborated with Daniel Arsham, FUTURA, Hiroshi Fujiwara and the Architectural Association School of Architecture and yielded a diverse array of capsule collections.

His work with Nike and Oakley has cemented him as a valued artistic contact for both companies – three seasons of collaborations being the result.
Beyond A-COLD-WALL*, Samuel Ross has turned his hand to curating living spaces by way of CONCRETE OBJECTS. Alongside designer Jobe Burns, Ross takes rough brutalist aesthetics and refines them in the creation of impactful objects for daily use.



Stephan Schneider: REMOTE MALL POETRY WOMEN AW 2019/20

Photography: Joachim Mueller-Ruchholtz


NEW ARRIVALS: ADIDAS Originals x Pharrell Williams and Nigo

PW HU NMD HUMAN MADE and SOLAR HU PROUD by Pharrell Williams and Nigo.

Under the human made banner pharrell and adidas nigo's longstanding creative relationship from bape bbc and ice cream has seen their position as streetwear royalty cemented over the years for this fw19 package pharrell lends his signature footwear models the solarhu and nmd to the collection all feature a white or offwhite colorway finished with the signature human made heart graphic in a continued expression of the values and ideals that make pharrell one of the brand s most popular and beloved collaborative partners.



Movie Collection: Ader 2019 Autumn Winter Collection.

**** « Fantastic Scenario » –Charles Chaplin -
***** « A Masterpiece » –Bruce Lee -
***** « Best Collection Ever » –Marilyn Monroe - 

«We believe that communication between film industry and us has become  a decisive agent in which movies art expressed in fashion for example, the symbolism of distributors who distribute movies expressed in a digital printing technique that adds Ader’s own design emotion, and posters from promotions are attached as posters for clothing inside.»