Adèle Vivet is a designer-artist who takes her ins­pi­ra­tion into memory. She is linking in­tui­tions from child­hood me­mo­ries or past ex­pe­riences to strong his­to­ri­cal and so­cial resources.

Through drawing, de­sign and craft­mans­hip, Adèle tells and gives shape to per­sonal and col­lec­tive worlds. Her gra­phic and func­tional crea­tions are ac­curate and are al­ways taking for granted our con­tempo­rary land­scape. She is deeply con­vinced by the im­por­tance of beauty and fight for this right.



In parallel with her profession as a fashion designer, Lola Mayeras developed a creative universe that uses clay as the main material. She approaches her designing process like a clothing collection, combining recognisable shapes and objects into playful and colourful new designs. 


Inspired by her ceramicist father and infused with the light of the south of France, Lola Mayeras created each piece of her collection by hand. Her first series arose from combining vivid colours and diverted shapes into a whimsical and joyful universe.



Launched in 2013, Le 17 Septembre creates desirable women’s wear that is focused on refined simplicity.
The collections are made up of effortless pieces. Designed by Euhye Shin, inspiration for the brand is drawn from what the designer
wants to wear in her everyday life. Shin designs the pieces to be timeless and minimalist, and unisex with a hint of femininity.

Responsibly manufactured with the impeccable touch of Korean craftsmanship, Le917’s collections are created with a remarkable emphasis on quality. Shin focuses on creating pieces that are timeless in both design and construction, ensuring they are sustainable through the seasons. Quality is the unmistakable and the most important element of Le917.



The sculptural vases and works of Argot Studio.
Argot is an independent studio producing design pieces in Paris.
Between craftsmanship and technology, the sculptural objects of Argot take shape thanks to 3D printing. This technique aims to develop a vast repertoire of shapes and textures creating unique design pieces for you space. The Studio develops new production methods, more sustainable and increasingly efficient thanks to new technologies. All of our objects are produced in our Parisian 3D printing farm.




The Acne Studios FW21 collection available in store!



The badass smiles are in store!
DUM KERAMIK is a ceramic brand based in Stockholm, Sweden.
In the project DUM KERAMIK Siri Skillgate explore if its possible to work with local production in a sustainable way - both environmentally and economically. In the project she uses her previous knowledge from working as an industrial designer on a bigger scale and try to reinterpret that in a more local approach where she does everything herself in her small studio.


The name DUM KERAMIK translates to something like “silly ceramics” and is a counter reaction to polished and perfect objects.
"I want the pieces to tell a story about how it was made and also show that not everything needs to be “perfect” and serious."