Hunting and Collecting is a Select Store for contemporary fashion and culture. The store concept is a medium of expression on its own. The experimental space is a work in progress and is considered a canvas for ideas in interiors, atmosphere and retail experience.



Adèle Vivet is a designer-artist who takes her ins­pi­ra­tion into memory. She is linking in­tui­tions from child­hood me­mo­ries or past ex­pe­riences to strong his­to­ri­cal and so­cial resources.

Through drawing, de­sign and craft­mans­hip, Adèle tells and gives shape to per­sonal and col­lec­tive worlds. Her gra­phic and func­tional crea­tions are ac­curate and are al­ways taking for granted our con­tempo­rary land­scape. She is deeply con­vinced by the im­por­tance of beauty and fight for this right.



In parallel with her profession as a fashion designer, Lola Mayeras developed a creative universe that uses clay as the main material. She approaches her designing process like a clothing collection, combining recognisable shapes and objects into playful and colourful new designs. 


Inspired by her ceramicist father and infused with the light of the south of France, Lola Mayeras created each piece of her collection by hand. Her first series arose from combining vivid colours and diverted shapes into a whimsical and joyful universe.



Launched in 2013, Le 17 Septembre creates desirable women’s wear that is focused on refined simplicity.
The collections are made up of effortless pieces. Designed by Euhye Shin, inspiration for the brand is drawn from what the designer
wants to wear in her everyday life. Shin designs the pieces to be timeless and minimalist, and unisex with a hint of femininity.

Responsibly manufactured with the impeccable touch of Korean craftsmanship, Le917’s collections are created with a remarkable emphasis on quality. Shin focuses on creating pieces that are timeless in both design and construction, ensuring they are sustainable through the seasons. Quality is the unmistakable and the most important element of Le917.


The Atlantis has disappeared and the memories of the sunken city are suspended in time. The relics are inextricably linked together, the eagle is at one with a shoal of dolphins, the Madonna rocks a prancing horse. Melted in coral, when the meaning escapes us, the myth blooms. And what if the cataclysm was deliberate, a subterfuge to hide and exalt its History, and what if its echo was still standing up, beyond the windows from which escapes the glow of a supernatural sunset. It’s through this labyrinth of visions that we find our way back following Ariadne's thread and are led to our memory of this great island.

L'Atlantide s’est vaporisée et les souvenirs de la cité engloutie demeurent suspendus dans le temps. Les reliques se sont entremêlées, l'aigle ne fait qu’un avec un banc de dauphins, la madone berce dans ses bras un cheval cabré. Fondu dans le corail c’est quand le sens nous échappe que le mythe éclôt. Et si le cataclysme avait été volontaire, un subterfuge pour dissimuler et mieux sublimer son histoire, et si son écho était toujours debout, par delà les fenêtres desquelles s’échappent la lueur d’un coucher de soleil surnaturel. C'est à travers ce labyrinthe de visions que nous remontons le fil d’Ariane qui nous emmène vers notre mémoire de la grande île. 

Text and Artwork by Mathias Vouters

Pictures by Merel Hart


Pushing this year's theme 'Where No Store Has gone Before' we played with the look and feel you find in films like Oblivion, Elysium, Gravity, 2001: A Space Odyssey... Not only because we like the great visuals, but because we like the way they bring us closer to the future.


Paradise is the freedom of making things happen your way. Paradise is the place where dreams actually come true. Paradise has the luxury of not taking itself so seriously in front of others. Paradise lies in the sweet-spot between the natural and the artificial. Paradise is the exact place where Hunting and Collecting is born 3 years ago, and this is the place where it still is ; a Paradise for you and a Paradise for us. We have been working hard for 3 years providing a dynamic area where creative endeavor finds it’s audience: the people who want to be involved by sharing ideas and by wearing products they believe in,in their own style and budget. Products that become better just because they are loved and wanted and which have an important function in people’s daily lives. Hunting and Collecting is a company – yes – but a company with a core business in setting free those products, in setting free those birds of Paradise. For you, for us, for as long as we can and as many as we can.