Hunting and Collecting is a Select Store for contemporary fashion and culture. The store concept is a medium of expression on its own. The experimental space is a work in progress and is considered a canvas for ideas in interiors, atmosphere and retail experience.


The Hunting and Collecting theme 'Mystic' plays with crystals, purple gradients, silver reflections, wolves, diamonds and an enlightened elevated spirit.
The make over has been produced in collaboration with Belgo-Swiss artist DAVID DE TSCHARNER and CONFETTISYSTEM from New York.
We wanted to return to the radically minimal approach from the first days of Hunting and Collecting: leaving (wasting) as much space as possible for the product to shine and for the customer to breathe. We used only a couple of strong visual elements to reflect the seasonal theme: Mystic



In combat one has to be flexible, improvise, do what others don't do. It is that time of the year where we change the complete interior look of the store and the graphic design. The new Fall Winter Interior at Hunting and Collecting is inspired on the 'Jardin d'Hiver - Wintergarden' - no snowman, no mountains, no skiing, but a colonial feel of exotic plants inside a warm winter garden - minimal as usual. We hope you like it.


The Spring Summer theme at Hunting and Collecting is inspired by the African Wax Print Fabric: The colorful mixture of geometric shapes and the crazy ways of layering these fabrics. Traditional - because they've been sold in African markets since the industrial revolution and many of the original designs are still popular today. Contemporary - because today's designers are creating new patterns to reflect modern tastes, as well as putting a contemporary spin on traditional designs. 


The South American desert » has been the theme for Spring Summer 2011 at Hunting and Collecting ,  and more precisely it’s colors and textures, light, fabrics, minerals, and vegetation. « We wanted to create a feeling of emptyness and blazing sun, invisible heat and silent lonelyness. The kind of atmosphere you have in places where the sun is ruling over every aspect of life.